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Thompson's Bay Beach, also known as "hole in the wall" - is tucked between Ballito and Shaka's Rock - possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in Ballito! The Tidal Pool is great fun for the kids, easy to get to and super walks and scenery. But beware, it can be extremely busy during holiday periods. 

Why we like Thompson's Bay

  • Without question, Thompson's Bay one of the most beautiful bays in the Ballito and Salt Rock area. Of Balilto's beaches, Thompson's Bay is probably the prettiest
  • Gentle sea, safe bathing and the Thompson's Bay tidal pool is just great for doing "laps", practicing your stand up paddling or having plain old fun. 
  • The "hold in the wall" - just past the Tidal Pool (heading south) leads down to a handful of generally deserted, empty but beautiful beaches - some of Ballito's most deserted beaches
  • Climbing up on the rocks to the north of Thompson's bay offers wonderful views over the ocean and great for whale spotting 
  • At times Thompson's Bay beach can produce a super point break for surfing 
  • Snorkeling in the big Tidal Pool at Thompson's is great for the kids to see some amazing fish and marine life 

Getting to Thompson's Bay

Thompson's Bay is easily accessible with parking about half way between Simbithi Drive and Chaka's Rock - there are car guards at this parking area but please do not leave valuabales in your car

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Useful Information on Thompson's Bay

  • During holiday season, the parking at Thompson's is "Paid Parking" - make sure you have some cash on you.
  • Explore explore explore, this is one of those beaches in Ballito (and places in general) where it is sacrilegious to just sit on the beach. The rocky outcrops to the north give you incredible views over the entire area and the trails to the south take you to some of the most beautiful secluded of Ballito's beaches. Or walk north and find some of the great spots we recommend for enjoy the north coast scenery
  • To the north of Thompson's Bay is an area called High Rock (just walk up the stairs from the beach itself) ...this is a great area for Whale Watching and spectacular views over the other Beaches in Ballito (right up to salt Rock) ...this is if the fishermen haven't left their smelly bait and fishing line laying about. 
  • On the downside, Thompson's Bay can also be the busiest of Ballito's Beaches, especially during school holidays when you may find it difficult to even find park, never mind a spot in the sand
  • There is STRICTLY no fishing in the Tidal Pool at Thompson's Bay


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