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Treasure Beach near the Bluff, just south of Durban has been a favorite snorkeling spot for locals and an active environmental education site for many years

Snorkeling at Treasure Beach, near The Bluff is much like other sites around Durban, the water is a lot warmer in summer but does sometimes loose a bit of the excellent visibility in winter. Treasure beach is definitely a low tide snorkel only.

Access to Treasure Beach. 

The parking area for Treasure Beach is at St Geran Grove, The Bluff Durban

GPS Co-Ordinates 29°57'1.77"S  30°59'37.76"E

From here, head down the long slight of stairs to Treasure Beach

What To Expect

Treasure Beach is truly a treasure with two coves formed from sandstone deposits  that have been carved out to create a  picturesque and unique beach.  Hundreds of school children & marine biologist’s enjoy to visit Treasure Beach to study  the rich marine life that inhabit this  shoreline. WESSA also conduct a night walk rocky shoreline adventure at spring low tide & full moon, a must for those enthusiasts that want  to see what marine life get up to after dark.  The best snorkeling is in the pools to the right / North of the stairs (as you come down the stairs) - may people rate the snorkeling at Treasure Beach as some of the best in KwaZulu-Natal with lots of fish, including Butterflyfish, many damsel species and other sea life such as Nudibranchs and other invertebrates.

More information on snorkeling at Treasure Beach  

The Wildlife and Environment Society (WESSA) conduct environmental education courses at treasure beach and open walks for the public. When snorkeling at Treasure beach, also remember that there are no shops or dustbins closeby, so please take your rubbish away and come prepared. 


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