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By taking out a Dhow or speedboat from Vilanculos, one can go snorkeling at any of the four offshore islands of Magarugue, Benguerra, Bazzaruto or Paradise/St Helena. 

This must rate as some of the most scenic, beautiful archipelagos in the world with water that includes every colour blue you can imagine. No wonder snorkeling the islands off Vilanculos is almost legendary in Mozambique.

The quickest island to get to for a snorkeling trip is Magarugue island where you spend the day snorkeling in or on the outside of reef (pictured above). The reef is intertidal and also very safe and you stand a chance of seeing an incredible variety of Wrasse, Big Grouper, huge shoals of fusiliers and a great fun snorkeling spot.  The outer reef can have a bit of a current flowing past at times (closer to high tide) so a pair of fins in your snorkeling gear is reccomended. Two or 5mile reef between Bazzaruto and Benguerra is almost amazing as the dive spot has an amazing manta ray cleaning station.

The whole of this Vilanculos / Bazzaruto Archipelago is a snorkelers heaven as all islands are protected and a marine sanctuary.  No motorized boats are allowed unless by permits only.

And if you are lucky cruising along in the show, you may see a dugong! One of the few places where they still exist!

Other Useful Information 

Mozambique is huge malaria area so pack plenty of mosquito repellent and start spraying yourself in the early afternoon.

Wine expensive, but the local beers, 2M and Laurinta are cheap and cold!

A piece of Paradise!

Information provided by Esperenza Hewitt 


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