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Christmas Bay, one of the most northerly of Ballito's beaches (about 10Km's north of Ballito as the crow flies) is one of our favourite beaches in Ballito for many good reasons. 

Christmas Bay Beach is special because even on New Years Day, you can find a quiet spot to relax without any tourists or crowds. This is something you may battle to find at other Ballito Beaches in peak season.  It's beautiful, secluded and a great spot for any tourist in the area to explore and spend some time away from the crowds

Why we like Christmas Bay Beach

  • Christmas Bay is secluded and seldom sees a "crowd" - this is probably one of the quietest beaches you will find in the Ballito area
  • Christmas Bay is secluded and a great spot to take a walk and hardly see another soul. There are not many of Ballito's beaches where you can do this.
  • At low tide Christmas Bay is riddled with great little snorkeling spots, but watch out, the rocks and under currents can be tricky. Spear fishermen rate this as one of the better beaches in Ballito for spear fishing
  • The drive out to Christmas Bay is exceptionally pretty. The road hugs the coastline for 10Km's and gives you superb views over the Indian ocean. Just taking a drive out here is a must do activity and very popular drive in Ballito, Salt Rock or the North Coast in general.
  • The long open beaches are great for long morning strolls, especially if you head north of the parking area, you will go around the "point" and can walk all the way up to Tinley Manor. 

Getting To Christmas Bay

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Useful Information on Christmas Bay

  • Walk north of the parking area at Christmas Bay, around the main peninsula / point. This point provides great shelter on windy days. North of the point if the south wester is blowing and south of the point if the north easter is blowing. 
  • You can also take a walk north almost all the way to Tinley Manor, it's a beautiful stretch of unspoilt beach where you hardly see a soul. Many great rock pools and open beaches on your way. This walk should take not much more than an hour each way. 
  • There are no safe surfing spots at Christmas Bay, however north, towards Tinley Manor are some more friendly and less rocky beaches with excellent breaks.
  • There are no lifeguards or shark nets in this area ....but hey, that's what makes it such a sweet spot and definitely one of the more special of Ballito's beaches
  • Car break in's in the Christmas Bay parking area have been known from the past. Please don't leave valuables on your car seat. 


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