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Shaka's Rock (Chaka's Rock) is possibly one of the richest beaches in Ballito (for its variety of sea life) the rocky shores in this area are a must do for any visitor looking for something to do and places to go. 

Shaka's Rock beach is a very special place, and the locals don't like "killing" - so please be gentle, don't damage the coral, don't kill things, refrain from collecting fish, animals, shells, just try enjoy the rich marine life along this shore for what it is. This is one of the few of Ballito's beaches that has very special biodiversity value. 

Why we like Shaka's Rock Beach 

  • Shaka's Rock is easy to get to, but be careful, parking can be tricky, especially during the busy season. When you see it, you will know why it is one of Ballito and the North Coast's most popular spots
  • The GREAT little coffee shop (Cafe Salt) at the beach entrance, great cappuccino and a great beach, what more could you want, coffee and Pizza here is definitely one of the best things to do in Ballito 
  • Super rock pools and snorkeling can be found at Shaka's Rock. Be sure NOT to fish or collect anything from the Tidal Pools, they are protected. 
  • Shaka's Rock is one of Ballito's most fun, friendly family beaches, it can get busy but never "that busy" and just a 5 minute drive from Ballito, it's prefect. 

Getting to Shaka's Rock Beach

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Useful information on Shaka's Rock Beach

  • This is one of those Ballito beaches that you want to get to early in the holiday season. It can get crowded. 
  • The tidal pools are full and we mean full of urchins, stonefish and scorpionfish - be careful 
  • Fishing in the tidal pools is NOT allowed, no matter how tempting it may look. Please respect the life in these pools. It's a very special spot and the only place we know of where corals grow abundantly so close to shore. The Tidal Pools are protected, this is one of the very few pools and beaches in Ballito that enjoys some protection from fishing, please respect it. 
  • Take a walk along the rocks at low tide (south) loads of interesting tucked away little bays. From Shaka's Rock, you can easily walk to Thompson's Bay in a half an hour or so. Be sure to keep an eye on the tide, if you get caught on an incoming tide, you wont be able to get back! There is also a great little bench and lookout point along this trail, don't miss it. 
  • Be sure to get a tasty snack, pizza or coffee at the very popular Cafe Salt ! 


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