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Sheffield Beach is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the busier of Ballito's beaches during the holiday season. Sheffield beach is a must visit, at least once for any visitor to Ballito or Salt Rock, even if it's just for a quick stroll. This is one of the best areas for dolphin viewing and one of the beaches in Ballito that still has heaps of character and a wild feel to it

Why we Like Sheffield Beach

  • Sheffield Beach is a paradise for children and adults (big children) - loads of safe rock pools, secluded coves, no crowds and possibly the best of Ballito's Beaches for spotting Dolphins and other marine mammals such as Humpbacked Whales (from June-November) 
  • You always have a sense that Sheffield is a bit wilder than other areas, no lifeguards, never a huge crowd and great for all round exploring. This is one of our favourite beaches in Ballito. Marine Mammal spotting and hiking along the rocks here is one of the best things to do in the Ballito and Salt Rock areas
  • The beach at Sheffield is always clean and seldom litter laying about, we love that about Sheffield Beach 
  • The walk down to the beach along a wooden boardwalk is fun and kinda special 

Getting to Sheffield Beach

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Other Information on Sheffield Beach

  • There are no lifeguards or sharks nets at Sheffield beach, but this should not be a worry as most swimming areas are well protected by rocks. 
  • Just next to the large hotel / complex overlooking the sea off Barrier Drive is a parking area with beach access that offers breathtaking views all along the coast. You can actually see all of the beaches in Ballito from this vantage point. You can clearly see Durban on a clear day. This spot (about 1Km south of Sheffield Beach) is an excellent spot for viewing marine mammals, whale watching / dolphin spotting. 
  • Some of our favourite secret snorkeling spots are in this area !!


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