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So you fancy eating your lunch in a sandy environment? Yes, we agree, the discomfort sand between your teeth is easily offset by the superb view and what more could you really ask for over lunch hey?

Ladies and gentlemen, our top ten tips to making your beach picnic fun, tasty and well, just plan unforgettable

  1. As with most things "beach" .....check out the weather forecast. This may seem like a no brainer, but then again, we don't have the Darwin Awards each year for no reason. Avoid windy days and try organize your picnic for later in the afternoon or earlier in the day to avoid peak windy times at mid day. Bottom line, make it a worthwhile experience and pick a day when wind is less than 10km/h.
  2. Location location location, know where you intend having this epic picnic before hand. Have a spot in mind, somewhere (ideally) where some rocks or dunes can offer some degree of protection from the weather. 
  3. Sand is your biggest enemy here. Bring a blanket to sit on. Without it, things will be bleak. 
  4. Pack everything into a cooler box or similar container that can shut totally. A cooler box is great as it can also double as a table. (We are assuming you have no interest in dragging an entire dinner set to the beach) 
  5. Beach is hot (most of the time) so ensure your picnic and cooler box are cold or at least cool. Nothing quite like luke warm champagne to bring a cringe to your face. We recommend using freezing blocks instead of normal ice. Normal ice is heavy, melts fast and sure to make everything else in your cooler box a spot on the soggy side. 
  6. Prep time before hand is cool. Chop, pack, slice, peel, dice as much as you possibly can at home, in the kitchen. This way, you simply unpack and this stage, we assume you have packed all that stuff you've diced, chopped, sliced and peeled into tupperware dishes.
  7. Take a spare tupperware container for pips, peels and similar rubbish, chasing your empty "checkers" packet down the beach is a great crowd pleaser but not good for the ego. 
  8. A small container of wet wipes, just take them, you'll understand and thank me 
  9. Keep your foods simple, crackers, cheeses, olives, easy to eat fruit and veg. Basically, think of this as a meal comprising lots of snacks. Your life will be easier, don't try contemplate a 4 course gourmet meal. You simply won't have the time to enjoy the view. 
  10. Clean up your mess, great, I didn't think we needed to tell you that anyway. 

What pearls of wisdom can you add to this list?



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