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Fear not, we have a cure that will chill your drinks down by 20 degrees in two minutes flat. Don't believe us, read on... A day on the beach should be synonymous with words like refreshing, icy cold, not warm, tepid, grim. Firstly, did you know that surrounding your beer in ice is actually one of the most inefficient ways of keeping your drinks cool?

The best recipe we found is to  grab a big tub, cooler box or bucket and put in one cup of salt and three cups of water and then throw in a pile of loose ice. This should get down to about minus 10 degrees! yes, that's right, -10 in a few minutes. 

Every scientist worth their salt uses this trick which is known as freezing point depression, And if you're out of salt, try using washing powder instead. In fact you can use anything in your house that dissolves in water because it's not what is in the water but how much is dissolved in the water that matters. Now how's that for a handy little trick?

See for yourself, temperature goes down 20 Degrees in 2 minutes....yip, we couldn't believe it either


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