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Okay, so, you're just enjoying the sand waves and beach on your weekend, soaking up the sun, when the impacts of all that morning coffee suddenly become very clear. You have to pee, do a number one and do it soon. Is it cool to pee in the sea? 

But, the hot and unpleasant road to what will almost certainly be a more unpleasant public toilet and well, you're quite happy right where you are. Why do you need to make that huge mission, can’t you just go up to your waist in the sea and do you stuff there? Surely not, that can not possibly be hygienic (although we have all done it at least once) – well fear not, it’s official, you can pee in the sea.

The American Chemical Society assures us that it's totally cool to go with the flow. First off, your pee is made up of 95% water, pretty much the same stuff you're swimming in. And, the sodium and chloride ions found in pee are also a major component of seawater. So, you're not adding anything that isn't already there. Second, the nitrogen in urine combines with water to produce ammonium, which can feed ocean plants.

Sweet, now you can pee in the sea with a clear conscience …..but please, don’t tell the people standing 2 meters away from you what you’re up to, these things are best kept to yourself.



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