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Morning Snorkeling Meditation 

Our morning mediation snorkels are all about "peace and quiet," submersing yourself in nature and just being. You're immersed in nature, all you hear is your breathing and the rhythm of the ocean, under these circumstances, quietening the mind, total relaxation and de-stressing comes totally naturally, easily. 


If you're dealing with unhealthy stress, you're prone to anxiety or even ADD or simply want to connect with nature in an amazing way, then this is definitely for you. Our morning meditations are an early morning experience on secluded beaches in shallow, very protected rock pools. This is not about seeing loads of fish or marine life (although you do anyway) it's about finding a spot to just submerse yourself in nature.


You experience a heightened sensory awareness, attention to breath, becoming aware of sensations in body, feeling of temperature on skin, relaxation of muscles, weight of body, gravity. Your attention is drawn to elements such as breath or gravity that normally are ignored. 

The longer you float on one spot, the more small fish start coming out of their hiding places to investigate you, after 15 minutes of being still most fish get quite curious, this interaction brings on a sense of wonder, awe, appreciation of beauty, curiosity and receptivity. You find yourself experiencing relaxation and enjoyment, freedom from goals or attachment to outcome. There is NO better way to start your day. All of this happens in knee deep water with little or no current or wash, so you're in a safe, relaxing environment. 

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Benefits of Snorkeling Meditation 

Meditation is sometimes perceived as "woowoo" stuff, fringe new age type thinking. But thankfully, scientific research into the field of meditation has proven many of the benefits associated with just being still, focusing inward and quietening the mind for a short period each day. Have a look at the infographic below for some of the better known benefits of meditation. 

One of the biggest challenges people have with meditation is that they claim that it is "difficult" to be still, for a beginner it's very frustrating trying not to focus on anything while your mind wanders all over the place. And with so many external stimuli, it's not suprising people find it tough to meditate. That's where Snorkeling Meditation comes in, by removing many of your external stimuli (smell, touch, sound) or radically changing the nature of what you sense as you experience when you're in the ocean, meditation comes naturally, easily. 

What is involved?

We generally meet at a pre-arranged spot around Ballito / Salt Rock area (sites vary depending on tides) pre 08h00 in the mornings (but can vary depending on tides and weather conditions) - we start off with a short briefing, just getting you comfortable and take a 5-10 minute (guided) meditation on the beach. Thereafter, we slip into the water (protected rock pools) and disappear for as long as you want into another world. 

Book 1-3 people and pay R320 per person, book 4-6 people and pay R280 per person

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