Our conservation work is undertaken in partnership with the Wilderness Leadership School. Over 50 years experience, a registered NPO and PBO. All funds are audited annually and sponsors can be issued with Section 18A Tax Certificates

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environmental education

Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for Nature. Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy, and eventually into sustainable patterns of living. Children will inherit what we leave behind. 

Getting people into the water, getting people excited about nature is the single most important thing we do. As part of our awareness and education program, we aim to get at least 100 new under privileged children snorkeling each month, quite a task! But education and awareness is also a lot more than that, it is also about creating awareness with adults, changing perceptions and educating the public. 

Our Environmental Education For Children 

Our education program for children is built on the Wilderness Leadership School ethos, a principle of teaching about the environment that has been developed over 50 years. Our education programs are also closely aligned to the school curriculum, this ensures relevance and buy in from parents and teachers, you would be amazed at what you can link to basic learning outcomes, nature is a classroom in its own right. 

Much of our education program is also led by Andre Steenkamp, we are lucky, Andre is widely regarded as one of the countries leading environmental practitioners (if not the world) .....to understand Andre's genius and why his methods work so well, you simply have to spend a morning on the beach with him. His knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to connect with children in incredible, backed up by sound principles and years of experience, we want this to be the best damn education program that has ever existed. 

marine education

Awareness for adults and the public 

Creating awareness for adults is as important is children, at the moment, adults are the major users and major source of impacts on our coastline. Our approach here includes:

Interesting, dynamic signage.

Information brochures and leaflets for tourists 

Training and deployment of beach ambassadors during weekends, school holidays and similar to speak to people on the beach, point out coral and ensure there is a high level of awareness for conservation issues on our coast amongst holiday makers, the public, fisherman and the likes. 

What we need

Yes, we need help. Your help. 
  • Funding and sponsorships printed materials and signs
  • Sponsorships for transport and school education programs 
  • Your time, helping us on the beach as an ambassador over peak periods

Click Here to Find out more about getting involved, we would love to discuss opportunities with you.

Any support, donations and funding is managed by the Wilderness Leadership School with annual audited accounts, strictest fiduciary requirements and we are able to issue a section 18A Tax certificates, meaning your donations could be TAX EXEMPT !

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