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Educational Trips For Schools 


At Tidal Tao, we are dilly, silly and plain old passionate about the ocean. We see young people exploring the ocean with so much patience and excitement. They naturally have a sense of wonder and an affinity for nature. Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy, and eventually into sustainable patterns of living. Children will inherit what we leave behind. And our educational program aims at making sure they inherit something wonderful.

Our coastline is a wilderness, a wilderness that rivals any game reserve or national park in it's size and diversity of animal species.  A large focus of our work and efforts is to simply get people to explore our inter tidal zone, see what is under the water, the variety of life, change our perceptions about the ocean and myths about ocean living organisms. The fact is our coast and ocean does not enjoy the same conservation benefits as land based nature reserves because it is seen as “separate” “out there” …we want to change that and this is the focus of our environmental education programs.

Our Educational Tours For School Groups

  • Our program includes two accredited guides to ensure small group size - our guides have exceptional knowledge and experience working with school groups
  • Our program also includes the optional presence of a Lifeguard from the Specialised Rescue Unit for additional peace of mind and safety. 
  • Ultimately, all proceeds from our commercial environmental education programs go towards funding less privileged schools to have the same experience. 
  • This program is aimed at strengthening the skills associated with discovery, investigation and data recording – aligned to the CAPS goals of pursuit of new knowledge and understanding our world. The focus is, of course, to understand our natural world through Natural Sciences and Technology and most importantly, through fun outdoor adventures. 

We focus on ensuring children have fun and discover. A typical morning program would include (however, we do tailor our general programs to suit your specific needs and time constraints) 

Arrival at Beach 
Introduction to program and basic ecological principals using various games
Toilet break and then group gets split into teams of no more than 20. Teachers will accompany the teams on the discovery tour. 
Teams move toward the Rocky Shore learning about succession as the changes in vegetation can be clearly seen along the walk. The idea of adaptation is introduced. Invasive Alien Plants and their impacts are discussed. On the Sandy Shore, learners will see more evidence of succession and further info on adaptation is unpacked. Tides, currents and other aspects of oceanography are clarified. A picture of the environment as a interconnected whole reinforced.
Learners and guide end up on the Rocky Shore. Here, learners will be led on a guided exploration of this fascinating ecosystem, touching on subjects from plant and animal structure, food webs and relationships to biodiversity, energy flow, abiotic elements, habitat and Human impacts.
The learners will be given time to explore the rocky shore in small teams for long enough to have made a couple of interesting discoveries. The guide will always be at hand to answer questions and guide the exploration. After a suitable time, learners are given the task of collecting some data. An audit of one sort or another will be conducted - from listing how many types of seaweed live in a pool or diversity of invertebrates on a marked area of rocky shore or the physical differences between fish living in the same habitat.
1 hour break. 
After lunch, the learners and guide will have an informal question and answer session just to recap, find out what the learners retained, discuss citizen science and tease out possible solutions to the unsustainable impacts people have on the marine systems. 
The data from the various audits can be uploaded to the appropriate Animal Demography Unit site or our own monitoring programs. 

For children who can swim, we would also suggest a short snorkeling excursion into one of the tidal pools to view fish and other marine life. This is always a fascinating and exciting experience for children. Fish ID guides will be available for children to identify what they have found. This could be done during lunchtime for two 30-minute sessions

Please contact us for more information and bookings 

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