Tidal Tao's Guide To Crabs & Other Invertebrates Of The North Coast (Ballito & Salt Rock)

These are species of "other Invertebrates" that we have managed to photograph while snorkeling around the KwaZulu-Natal's East Coast (Ballito, Salt Rock & Sheffield areas) All photographs have been taken in the intertidal zone in water less than 2m deep

If you have any species, information or identification corrections that you would like to add, please drop us a line. Please note that the purpose of this gallery is not a scientific exhibit and not grouped according to any strict regiment. This is intended to be a really simple guide to assist people in identifying the more common invertebrates that you could come across....although there are so many, it may be near impossible to document them all :) 

Marine Life ID Guide for Beginners 

You can download a beginners guide to the fish, sea slugs, crabs, corals etc.... that we have personally put together the North Coast. This is by no means a scientific document, you may notice some odd names, many of these animals (especially sea slugs) don't have common names, so we have just made them up ourselves.

Click Here To Download ID Guide For Beginners in PDF 

Final note, if you're using this information as a tool or resource in ANY way for marine aquarium collecting, then please read our article about how we feel about animals in captivity....and we really hope it encourages you find a more environmentally sound and less cruel hobby. Tidal Tao stands up against all forms of wild animals in captivity..... from fish to dolphins to elephants. Wild animals belong in the wild. Not your lounge. 

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