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So, Discovery Channel or whatever it is has their little Shark Week ....AGAIN, which kinda pisses us off ever so slightly as surely we have moved past the days of "Jaws" and the related shallow understanding of these animals?

With only a handful of the almost 400 species of Sharks worldwide being considered "dangerous" .....we would say "Shark Week" is just a mix of pretty bad PR and sad groveling for ratings. But in good old internet fashion, out flooded scores (if not thousands) of really amusing, really informative and all round entertaining memes to counter the imminent danger of shark attack. Here is a little collection of our favourite memes that crossed our screen in the past week. We would love to acknowledge and properly copyright these to the original designers (some are in the images) but most of them have been shared so many times that tracing the original owner is probably about as useful as trying to kill yourself by jumping into the sea and hoping a shark will get you.

Number 1: Our undeniable favorite .... just because we like the cockiness and perspective of this little guy


Number 2: This one has been around for a while, an old classic, very true and we just love it, old classics last :)


Number 3: Not so amusing, but makes the point, loud and clear


Number 4: OK, so not vaguely educational or shark week related per se, but boy did it get a decent chuckle out of us 


Number 5: That's more like it. Creative and makes the point! Tell you what, think about it, how often do other humans scare you at some level? ....I don't know about you, but humans give me the hibby gibbies long before sharks do. 


Number 6: Perspective, we need lots of it ..... I like 


Number 7: We recently used this cow meme in a talk to some school children about Sharks, the look in their eyes, priceless. More priceless perspective. Damn evil cows (although I suspect the cows doing all this killing are linked to Rodeos and Bull Fighting etc... so kinda feels like justice has been served) 


Number 8: And probably the least funny, but certainly the biggest packet of perspective ....ants, I wonder  


Thanks Please like, share, comment, post your own favorites below...and remember, be nice to Sharks, being top of the food chain, it's worthwhile being their buddy :)


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