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Ah, the beach. Isn’t it wonderful? You’ve got the perfect ocean, just right for a spot of snorkelling, and then there’s the sand, which is the best spot on earth for chilling out and relaxing.

The main – perhaps only – issue when it comes to a day at the beach is what to eat. Taking your own stuff is the best idea; you can make it delicious yet nutritious, you know exactly what’s in it, and it won’t cost a fortune either. But you also need to transport it and keep it cool. So perhaps you’ll opt for buying something when you get there. That’s fine if you’re into greasy fried food or sweet stuff full of sugar, but finding something healthy is going to take a while. 

So, what to do?

The answer is simple. Make your own snacks, bring your own drinks, and ensure you’ve got a cool bag to keep it all in. There are loads out there to choose from, and some even come with a portable table to keep things even more civilised. Before you leave the house, just pack everything into your cool bag, throw in some ice, and you’re away. 

The Food

  • As long as no one has a nut allergy (best to check if you’re going with friends) then a homemade nut butter along with bananas or apples for dipping always goes down well. Plus, nuts and fruits are full of energy that will mean you – and the kids – can play for longer.
  • Crackers and cheese are an easy snack to pack, and you don’t even have to prepare anything in advance. Make sure the crackers are whole wheat and the cheese is low fat and you’ve got a healthy yet tasty snack to hand.
  • Need to top up for 5 A Day? Cut up some carrots, cucumber, and celery into sticks and prepare some hummus for dipping. It’s moreish.
  • Sandwiches always go down well on the beach, especially as they can be eaten one-handed while still collecting shells, making sandcastles, or paddling. Opt for whole wheat or brown bread, lean meat, and plenty of salad and you’ve got one healthy snack.

The Drinks

  • Water. There is nothing better. Buy it bottled in advance and keep it ice cold in your cool box. Perfect.
  • If you crave something with a bit more taste to it, simply add slices of orange or lemon. No added sugar there, and it tastes great!
  • For those who like fizz in their drinks, sparkling water is ideal.
  • Whatever you do, stay away from drinks that have a calorie count on the bottle – calories should be food based, not from a beverage!

Finally, after a long, fun day at the beach, one little treat won’t hurt. And that ice cream van is just waiting for you…..

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(By Sally Phillips: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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