Ballito / North Coast Beaches

A guide to Ballito's (North Coast) Beaches

Ballito and the general dolphin coast area has some incredible beaches, beaches that could easily rival the best in the world.

Yet, we often find over holiday season tourists cramming into one or two of the more popular of Ballito's beaches (such as Willard's Beach and Thompson's Bay.) But, head out and explore, sometimes a bit of walking is needed and you will discover beautiful secluded coves, rock pools, long open stretches of sand and incredible views. If you want to know more about Ballito's Beaches and especially looking to escape the crowds, then this guide to the beaches of the North Coast  is just for you. From Clarke Bay in the south up past Willard's Beach, Thompson's Bay, Chaka's Rock, Salt Rock, the Sheffield area, to Christmas Bay, the Dolphin Coast (or North Coast) of KwaZulu-Natal has some incredible beaches and we are delighted to be able to share their beauty with you. 


Ballito's Beaches - Willard's

willards beach ballito

Willard's Beach, the quintessential Ballito Beach, THE Fun in The Sun Spot and home to the Mr Price Pro, Ballito's annual surf contest.

If you're looking for a busy, exciting, viby beach, then Willard's is the choice of Ballito's beaches. Willard's beach is extremely popular with the younger crowd, safe, beautiful and FUN. 

Willard Beach is the major attractions for tourists in Ballito. Willard Beach is perfect for a day of fun in the sun. From swimming beaches that are protected by life guardss and also a popular surfing spot with several tidal pools. in the area

One of the busiest of KwaZulu-Natal's beaches, Willard Beach is set against a range of holiday homes, hotels and other tourist facilities. 

Thompson's Bay Beach (Between Ballito and Salt Rock)

thompsons bay Beach Ballito

Thompson's Bay Beach, also known as "hole in the wall" - is tucked between Ballito and Shaka's Rock - possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in Ballito! The Tidal Pool is great fun for the kids, easy to get to and super walks and scenery. But beware, it can be extremely busy during holiday periods. 

Ballito Beaches - Shaka's Rock Beach (Chaka's Rock)

chakas rock or shakas rock beach in ballito

Shaka's Rock (Chaka's Rock) is possibly one of the richest beaches in Ballito (for its variety of sea life) the rocky shores in this area are a must do for any visitor looking for something to do and places to go. 

Shaka's Rock beach is a very special place, and the locals don't like "killing" - so please be gentle, don't damage the coral, don't kill things, refrain from collecting fish, animals, shells, just try enjoy the rich marine life along this shore for what it is. This is one of the few of Ballito's beaches that has very special biodiversity value. 

Ballito's Beaches: Salt Rock Beach (Main)

Slat Rock beach ballito

Salt Rock main beach is a heaven for sun seekers and surfers, one of Ballito's beaches that is great for playing, albeit surfing, kite-surfing or just some family touch rugby

Salt Rock Beach is one of the few long open sandy beaches in Ballito and well serviced by many B&B's, Campsites and Hotels along the beach. Plenty of parking, lifeguards on duty, convenient. Definitely one of Ballito's beaches worth visiting. 

Ballito's Beaches - Sheffield Beach (North of Salt Rock)

sheffield beach ballito

Sheffield Beach is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the busier of Ballito's beaches during the holiday season.

Sheffield beach is a must visit, at least once for any visitor to Ballito or Salt Rock, even if it's just for a quick stroll. This is one of the best areas for dolphin viewing and one of the beaches in Ballito that still has heaps of character and a wild feel to it

Ballito Beaches - Christmas Bay

christmas bay beach

Christmas Bay, one of the most northerly of Ballito's beaches (about 10Km's north of Ballito as the crow flies) is one of our favourite beaches in Ballito for many good reasons. 

Christmas Bay Beach is special because even on New Years Day, you can find a quiet spot to relax without any tourists or crowds. This is something you may battle to find at other Ballito Beaches in peak season.  It's beautiful, secluded and a great spot for any tourist in the area to explore and spend some time away from the crowds

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