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Explorer Snorkeling Safaris 

Night snorkel

If you want to see a totally new and different range of marine creatures, then be sure join one of our special "explorer" snorkeling trips.

These trips focus on the "little things" such as finding colourful Nudibranchs, Octopus and other more unusual critters 

What are the "Explorer" snorkeling trip? 

Our advanced trips only take place at very specific low tides, we take you to explore secret secluded pools where Nudibranch's, Flatworms and other rare marine life can be found. In fact, the marine life you will see (albeit small things) is so special that you have a pretty good chance of seeing something that has not even been described by science yet! (We are not kidding) 

These trips focus on the "little things" such as finding colourful Nudibranchs, Octopus and other more unusual critters 

Our explorer trips take place in natural gullies, only accessible at certain tides, as a result, we can only do advanced trips about 4-6 days per month (due to tides) so please contact us early to find out the best times and get your spot booked. 

We can only do Explorer Snorkels around Spring Low Tides. Please check our article here on the best times to go on an advanced snorkel 


These trips are generally limited to experienced snorkelers and small group sizes (max 4 people)  - the water is generally shallow and extremely safe, we just require you to be experienced because of the need to move through small spaces and the focus on "the little things" rather than fish and normal marine life. If this sounds like your idea of fun, then, please, give us a shout, we would love to go exploring with you!! 


The pools we go to on our advanced trips are our secret spots and we kind of feel responsible for them, so we may also ask you to swear an oath of secrecy :) 

Book 1-3 people and pay R320 per person, book 4 people and pay R280 per person. Minimum age is 15 years old.


Due to the specific tide and swell requirements for these snorkeling trips, we may NOT always be able to accommodate your preferred date and time for advanced trips, but let us know your preferred options  will let you know - Book Now


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Phone us on +27 (0) 79 307 0608  or sms "snorkel" to 0793070608 & we will call you back 

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